What a Client Should Expect:

  • Consider a marine survey inspection as a continuation of your boat's quality-control inspection after it has left the factory. Even a new boat may have a few hidden defects and/or deficiencies which may manifest long after the original delivery date. On top of that, when you factor-in some neglect, abuse, a dash of wear and tear, as well as a well hidden major fiberglass repair after a grounding or fire - well you get the picture...
  • Expect a phone call from the inspection site (if you or your agent are not present) after the initial inspection of the boat, detailing how the inspection & sea trial went and receive notification of any defects or deficiencies discovered.
  • A careful visual inspection of the hull bottom (if hauled-out) and sides (inside & out) as well as deck structure and bulkhead integrity; and (if accessible) structural integrity inspection of the transom from the interior is also done. If its a sailboat, standing and running rigging & chain and stem plates are carefully scrutinized, especially where they tie into the hull structure. Stringers (longitudinals), frame members and bracing are tested as well by percussion means and in most cases a moisture meter is employed to test the moisture content of hull, transom as well as decks and frames.
  • Machinery such as air conditioning systems, coils and refrigerant levels are checked, propulsion and gen-set engines are gone over and checked for previous overheating or hot spots, exhaust or fuel leaks, performance (in some cases compression checks are performed or recommended - if a sea trial is not possible or engines can not be run). Plumbing and electrical systems are also thoroughly checked as well as ventilation systems in machinery spaces. N.F.P.A., A.B.Y.C. and U.S. Coast Guard standards and adherence to code are also part of the inspection process.
  • Expect a complimentary boat history review from Boat History on your boat, detailing any insurance claims, recalls, liens, foreclosure, etc. 
  • A professional, concise, comprehensive narrative report (recognized and accepted by all reputable Insurance Groups and Financial Institutions, world-wide) is e-mailed to you, usually within 2 - 3 working days after the survey inspection with a hard copy of the report, a current boat Fair Market Appraisal Value, on site inspection photos, boat history, sea trial reports, hull visual testing diagram included in the report binder (A digitized CD version of the full report is also included with the hard copy) and mailed to you within 4-5 days after the survey via Priority Express.
  • Customer support in the form phone conversation with answers to your questions even weeks after the initial inspection of the boat and mail-out of the "Coffee Table Book".


  • Realize too that everything humanly possible is done to provide you with the best service possible, but like all pre-owned and even new boats there exists the possibility of a well-hidden flaw that may not be discovered unless the vessel were to be taken apart or was inaccessible in order to inspect the problem area, such as a gelcoat void in the skin of the boat - later popping, exposing a blemish, etc.
  • As a Special BONUS to our clients - if we discover significant structural deficiencies on your prospective boat, rendering the boat a Deal Buster;  we'll give you a Credit worth $150.00 towards your next Marine Survey on another boat of your choosing. Certain limits apply, call (210) 492-7143 for more information.

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