Letter of Stability:

  • Letter of Stability (Load Line Testing): ~ The State of TEXAS is now requiring that all boats 30 foot and above, used on inland waters for-hire purpose of ~ 

  • Inspected Passenger Service

  • Sight Seeing

  • Bed & Breakfast Houseboats on lakes

  • Excursion and Dinning Cruises, etc.

    ...must be examined for basic Safety Compliance Rules as well as have a "Letter of Stability" posted onboard.

    What is a Letter of Stability? ~ Simply put, it is a document that states that a vessel is stable, safe and suitable for passenger service, have a Posted Maximum Passenger Capacity and operated within certain parameters on inland TEXAS waterways.
    What is involved in becoming State Compliant? ~ The vessel is thoroughly inspected for Safety Compliance and all U.S.C.G. compliance requirements. Measurements are taken of the vessel from top to bottom, fore and aft; using Simple Measurement engineering algorithm criteria CG-5397, buoyancy factors and passenger capacities - a special calculation meeting the specifics of your boat is incorporated into a "Letter of Stability" unique to your vessel is created and issued to be posted in clear view of passengers and crew at all times.
    What Next? ~ Simply call us to discuss your needs and to make an appointment for us to come out and examine your vessel - 
    (210) 492-7143 Office/FAX (if there is no answer, we may be examining machinery inside an engine room - so please be kind enough to leave a short but detailed voice message). THX!


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