Types of Surveys:

  • Pre-Purchase Surveys: ~ This is the most comprehensive of inspections and is strongly recommended to those purchasing a pre-owned boat. The purpose of this inspection is to gather as much information about the boat as well as service history, insurance claims and recall history in addition to scrutinize the structural integrity, carefully examine and determine the condition of the hull & decks, machinery, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, safety and other systems on board. The survey is punctuated with an open water sea trial to test machinery and associated systems while machinery is under load.
  • Condition & Valuation (C&V) Surveys: ~ This type of inspection is generally done to obtain an insurance binder from an insurance agency who wishes to know what sort of shape your boat is in, in order to write a policy on your boat or to get a bank refinance. Most insurance companies are now requiring a C&V survey every four to five years to re-examine their risk for insuring your boat as a matter of doing business. C&V surveys are also done to establish a verified and documented marine appraisal for Estate Settlements, Law Suits brought against unscrupulous Boat Brokers and/or Boat Sellers, Donations, Divorce Cases, etc. What is included in this type of survey is a general study of the overall structural integrity, overall condition of shipboard systems as well as apparent sea-worthiness.
  • Appraisal & Damage Inspection: ~ This type of service is performed to determine the extent of collateral damage, cause of damage, assess the extent of repair needed or estimate replacement cost and/or salvage value in cases where an Expert Witness may contribute these findings in a court of law, Insurance Claims, Hurricane and other Catastrophic events.

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